Higher Ground refers to taking a position of advantage; doing what's right and feeding the inner urge we have to make a bigger social impact.


We found the name fitting for a platform that elevates the way we connect,  surpassing  existing racial, geographical and social barriers.


We've heard how success stories happen by chance, often emerging from a single conversation or a lucky break. 

We believe that everyone should have access to a "push in the right direction" at times and our mission is to help more people create their own luck.

With technology, we help people connect in an exciting and mutually rewarding way so that:

  • Platform Experts are rewarded for the cost of their time; and

  • social innovators can leverage the skills of thought-leaders, coaches, and celebrities, (sometimes while they're out partying). 

Real change comes from someone having courage to make a difference - imagine what we can achieve together.

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